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A long Day Four for @MJames1229‘s April 2019 Las Vegas trip. So long, it’s in two parts. Part one starts in Henderson for breakfast, a trip to Red Rock, and a meal at Hash House A-Go-Go.

A Long Day Begins 

A big day of fun (except for Flamingo Time, sigh) started by packing and checking out of the Planet Hollywood, which, come to think of it, wasn’t a lot of fun. Then again, neither was the 20-minute drive to the Park MGM to pick-up Aaron and Stephanie. I get that road work and closing lanes on the Strip for development is necessary, but does it have to occur on my vacation?

To Henderson for Breakfast 

But once we got there, we loaded up the kids and headed to breakfast at BabyStacks Cafe in Henderson. This has almost become a regular stop, if for no other reason than the variety of pancakes, each visit as good as the previous. Like my order this time from the list of Daily Specials… the Caramel De Leche pancakes. I would have photographed them (actually, I thought that I had, but… well… apparently not. But they were brown with whipped cream and caramel sauce) but I didn’t want to ruin the mojo of a family breakfast. That didn’t stop my dickhead son from memorializing this family time.

Time to Relieve Some Aggression 

Because of Stop #2.

At some point in my endless Las Vegas ramblings, I mentioned how cool it would be to throw axes as that could be considered something Very Las Vegas. However, I am pretty sure I mentioned downtown (which would have been Axehole). Lo and behold, on Christmas morning, I opened my stocking and found a gift certificate to Axe Monkeys. So, Henderson.

It was a lot of of fun, though frankly it would have been a little more fun if the axes were a little sharper. Being competitive, we made up games (keeping score, of course) and it was frustrating when the axes would bounce off of the log and fly all over the place. Because there was only one other group there at the time, I walked through the facility to find a nice, sharp ax. And in doing so, I dominated from that point forward. It’s all about finding the advantage.

An hour is the perfect amount of throwing, as it becomes redundant. Throw the ax, get the ax, win the game. I didn’t need the youngin’s crying now, did I?

The James Taxi Rolls On 

Last winter when planning this trip, Aaron mentioned that he wouldn’t be bowling the tournament. I was a bit disappointed as he had bowled the tournament the last time it was in Vegas, but this time he wanted just a vacation with Stephanie. However, in my role as tour guide, it was my job to entertain her so this day was all mine (in part, starting with the amazing pancakes). So Stop #3 was practically across the street. And by street, I mean valley.

Success at the Rest Stop? 

Although I didn’t anticipate a lot of hiking or other desert fun, we decided to get some water bottles from some random Chevron station. While waiting for someone in the bathroom, I did one of those things that, well.. I just had to do. Play video poker at a gas station.

And I won $5!!!!

Now in fairness, had my wife not come out of the bathroom exclaiming “You can’t even buy a bottle of water without gambling?!?!?!?”… Well, she’s right, but I decided it was best to cash out at that point anyway.

Red Rock Canyon 

We pull into the Red Rock Canyon and pull up to the admission booth, fully ready to pay the $15 fee. The lady hands us the map, and of all the information on the map, my wife’s eyes immediately spot this…

She had just had her disabled placard renewed and had her proof of disability with her, so after filling out a quick form, we were in like Flynn.

We walked through the Visitor’s Center and pretended to read some of the signs and displays, when I noticed a back door with exhibits outside, so I went a-wondering.

That’s Max, one of the tortoises that are raised by the staff.

We hopped back into the car and drove the scenic drive to the first stop (in the Calico area). We parked and started the standard photo taking.

So admittedly, I walked 100 ft or so down the path to get this photo. Knowing that I didn’t tell anyone that I had wandered, I hustled back to the group… which was only my wife sitting on a park bench, enjoying the view.

About 20 minutes later, Aaron and Stephanie came strolling back. Apparently one of those “Its my first time here and I don’t want to miss it” moments.

We continued driving and made a couple of additional stops, but in reality, Red Rock Canyon led with their best and all other stops pale in comparison.

Dinner at Hash House A-Go-Go 

As the scenery became less exciting, I didn’t stop at any of the stops the last few miles, and by the time we exited the park, both Aaron and Stephanie were asleep in the back seat as we drove to Stop #4… Hash House A Go-Go at the Plaza, which was another requested stop by the children.

I told them and told them about the portions, but they were still stunned when they saw them.

My Hand-Hammered Pork Tenderloin.

My wife’s Chicken Sage Penne Pasta

Aaron’s Instagramized Chicken and Waffles… Hot. (It was actually too hot for him, snicker, snicker).

MIA – the photo of Stephanie’s fried chicken dinner.

Part 2 to Come 

A trip to a dispensary, my time as a British citizen, a sexy bathtub dance, Green Tea, a cuckhold-uncle fantasy, and chasing a pigeon… all coming up in Part 2!

There’s Part Four_A. Click here for Part 4_B where @MJames1229 tries to score some edibles.

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