Las Vegas, April 2019, Part Two by @MJames1229


It’s part two of @MJames1229‘s April 2019 Las Vegas trip. Lots of pictures in this one, including fish that did NOT end up on somebody’s plate. Well, that we know of.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Good Morning Las Vegas!

Remember The Matrix (as seen on Vegas Bright, as well as from our 2017 trip)? Of course we made one for this trip!

Fishing for Breakfast in the Miracle Mile

For years, I’ve heard on the Five Hundy show (as well as seen in various adverts) of numerous breakfast specials inside the Miracle Mile shops as the restaurants compete to justify a reason to be open in the morning. My wife and I looked at a number of menus and even though my wife is certainly not a seafood fan, she kept an open mind and found that Ocean One had the most interesting breakfast menu. So, for our first breakfast on this trip, we headed into the mall to look for Ocean One.

See that podium on the lower left? As we came from the mall (from the right of the photo) the wood paneled walk way entering Ocean One and continuing into the left of the photo made it look like the entire area was Ocean One. We walked to that podium and was given a seat. However, after ordering drinks and actually looking at the menu, we realized that we were instead at Oyster Bay Seafood. Well, it was too late to change since we had already had our drinks so we kind of looked at it like fate… we must have been destined to go to the wrong place.

$7 Steak for Breakfast

You can see Ocean One over my wife’s right shoulder.

The inset of the menu offered a Steak and Eggs for $6.99, so we each ordered it.

I had suggested that they mail my eggs to starving children in Africa, and they must have done so as my plate was gloriously egg-free. I grabbed a steak knife and prepared to cut shoe leather, but you know what? That $7 steak was pretty good, actually… needed a little salt and pepper on the steak, but it far exceeded expectations.  That was an excellent breakfast for about $27 on the Las Vegas Strip.

The Day Just Got Longer

During breakfast, we had received word that the first event of the day at the Bowling Plaza was already delayed over an hour, and that there was a problem with the scoring interface. By the time breakfast was over, we had been alerted that our 7:00 PM squad wouldn’t start until at least 8:30 PM.

Staying on Track on the Matrix

From there, it was a promised (and Matrixed) trip to the Conservatory at Bellagio.

When my wife and I took a brief stopover in Vegas for one night on our way back from Reno last year, I introduced her to the Silverton aquarium on a Monday morning at about 8:00 AM. She enjoyed it so much, it occupied the post-Bellagio space on the Matrix since it was created.

Unfortunately, 11:00 on a Sunday morning offers a different crowd than an early Monday morning. People were about 5 deep around the aquarium so sight lines were compromised, and they had a Mermaid in the tank. I thought the Mermaid was kinda cool, but my wife said it detracted from the fish. In addition, the tank offers a 360 walk-around, but on this day, half was closed for a Meals with the Mermaids event, so there wasn’t an opportunity to thin the crowd. We didn’t spend much time here on this day. Besides I had some internet streaming to watch.

Catching the Soccer Action

As I mentioned at in my Super Bowl trip report, I have been a season ticket holder of the Milwaukee Wave indoor soccer team for about 25 years. On this day, they were playing the Conference Finals game against the Baltimore Blast for the opportunity to make the Major Arena Soccer League Finals. The game started at Noon, and I needed to be where I could plug in and watch on-line. At halftime with the score tied 1-1, we had to leave because I had given a comp room to my buddy and I had to go to Hooters and check him in.

The only time I had ever been inside Hooters was once when I had a four-hour layover on my way home from Reno. Somehow, that got me a 3-day comp with a $20 food credit, some free play and two Gordie Brown tickets. I told my buddy (also my doubles partner the next day) that he can have the room, but I get lunch. After checking him in, we raced over to Steak and Shake and I put the game back on. The Wave scored a goal in the 4th quarter, then held off a furious rally to win the game 2-1. For the record, the MASL Finals were held in Milwaukee on May 5, and the Wave beat the Monterrey Flash 5-2 for the Wave’s 7th championship in team history.

Doing the Bowling Thing

The game ended just as we needed to leave to go to South Point for a team practice session, which was to be from 3:00 to 4:00. The original plan was to gamble and relax at South Point for a couple of hours after the practice session before our tournament squad time of 7:00. But by the time we had finished practicing, our start time had been bumped all the way to 9:30 PM. With about five free hours, I was all about going back to Planet Hollywood for a good nap. My wife decided to stay at South Point and play some bingo sessions.

When she bored of bingo, she Ubered back to Planet Hollywood just as I woke up. I showered, shaved, dressed and we headed back to South Point.

From left, Glenn, Guzman, Chris, Creighton, and Our Hero.

We finally hit the lanes at 9:48 PM, almost three hours late. However, they announced in the squad room that due to the delay, all bowlers that bowled any shift that Sunday would get a full free entry into next year’s tournament in Reno. That’s $185 that I don’t have to shell out next month. That effectively makes this a free roll.

The Aftermath

And I rolled. Enough said. OK, one more thing… we shit the bed. I didn’t bowl horrible, per se, but I had killed it the last two tournaments and I really disappointed myself on this day. That means just one thing as we were finishing up around 1:00 AM…

Yes. Yes we did. With Pity Shakes, too.

Didja notice that none of the bowlers looked particularly happy? I think the only reason Guzman is so happy is because he’s buddying up with Dale’s girl. But Dale was late to the party, so his loss, I guess.

The total bill for 9 people – including tip – was under $60. I love that graveyard menu.

Light Gambling Day

Did you notice something about this particular day’s activities? It started at 8:00 AM with breakfast, and ended at 2:30 AM when we got back to the hotel… and I didn’t gamble much at all. Just for a little while at the Silverton and a sports bet on the Milwaukee Bucks (on the one playoff game they’ve lost in the two series). After two days, I was still ahead in the Gambling Department.

Early morning came and morning followed, the second day.

Thanks for reading Part Two! Click here for Part Three where we find out the results from@MJames1229 spending months and months trying to schedule a large-group meet up at Top Golf.

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